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BD+ Technologies Launches Content Protection Licensing Program

LOS ANGELES, Calif. June 28, 2007 -- BD+ Technologies, LLC, the licensor of BD+, the exclusive added layer of content protection for movies and other premium entertainment released on the Blu-ray Disc standard, announced today the completion of its licensing program.

The program includes the BD+ Specifications and Agreement for BD+ Adopters (Player/Chip Manufacturers), as well as BD+ Content Participants and authorized BD+ code developers. Sample copies of all new license documents, as well as other related information, are available at

BD+ is a Virtual Machine-based content protection technology created exclusively for the Blu-ray Disc format. The technology features have already been implemented into all Blu-ray Disc players in the marketplace, however updated technical specifications are now available.

“Fox has vigorously fought against piracy for years and the adoption of BD+ as part of the Blu-ray Disc specification, and an enhancement over and above AACS, was a key factor in our decision to publish on the format,” noted Mike Dunn, President Worldwide, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. “This added layer of content protection gives Blu-ray yet another distinct competitive advantage.”

Bob Chapek, President, Buena Vista Worldwide Home Entertainment, commented, “We are excited that BD+ has now come to fruition. In this day and age, no content provider can risk not fully protecting their assets.”

“The ability to protect IP is the most important issue facing our industry and the level of copyright protection Blu-ray offers is one of the major reasons we supported BD from the onset,” said Steve Beeks, COO and President, Lionsgate. “Adding this extra layer of protection has made us even more confident that we made the right choice for the studio and the public interest.”

On behalf of MGM Home Entertainment, General Manager, Eric Doctorow noted, “This is great news for the market. Content providers can release more product knowing there is stronger copy protection – and for consumers that translates into a greater choice of films.”

“BD+ serves as an additional safeguard to protect next generation HD content from piracy,” said David Bishop, President of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. “Sony Pictures believes that it will become a valuable option for Blu-ray Disc content providers going forward.”

About BD+ Technologies, LLC:

BD+ Technologies, LLC is a joint venture between Panasonic Corporation, Sony Corporation and Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation that was formed in 2006 for the purpose of licensing the specification for BD+ content protection technology. The BD+ technology provides an additional layer of content protection for High-Definition movies and other high-value content released on Blu-ray Discs.


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